Contribution - stupa We are offering the opportunity to order a stupa as a contribution to our foundation. The stupa ... Read More

     The Foundation is also working on the possibility of ordering wooden, hand-made bon-po stupas, which can be placed at home on the altar or other suitable place. The stupa is a symbol of the body of Enlightenment. In the Bon teachings their ascent and creation are considered to be a great merit, whose intention can purify even the most severe karmic traces and negative actions.
     The texts mention 360 types of stupas, 120 stupas Dharmakai, 120 Sambhogakai, 120 Nirmanakai. Only the latter can be physically created.
At the beginning it will be possible to order one of the five available types of stupas. Stupa can be dedicated to a close petson or other people in need.
All income gained will be transferred to other Foundation projects.
May merit from these actions release countless beings from the suffering!