Tse Thar 1 – for long life – Azyl

    Horse Azyl is now under the care of Drenpa Namkha Foundation, it has been bought from the previous owner and thus saved from death. On August 12, 2018, Geshe Gyatso performed a special Tse Thar ritual, thanks to which Azyl in the next life can reborn as a human being. This merit was possible thanks to donors from USA and Poland. Azyl now lives with other horses at the stable Quźnia Dzieciom near Łomża city.

     Azyl is a strong and friendly horse. On the day of the prayer for him, he was extremely calm and very interested in the whole incident.

       Horse Azyl was dedicated for long life of His Eminence Ponlop Trinley Nyima Rinpoche

     Maintaining Azyl life is a great merit, and thanks to the support he receives, he will be safe until the end of its days. We invite everybody who loves animals to contact Foundation. To support this project in the title of the transfer please type: donation – horse Azyl.