Mawe Senge

  Teachings of Mawe Senge ཤེས་རབ་སྨྲ་བའི་སེང་གེ་དང་ཕྱྭ་སྲས་ཀེང་ཙེ་ལན་མེད་བཅས་ཀྱི་སྒྲུབ་གཞུང་བཞུགས་སོ།  (sherab mawe sengei tang kyazhi kingtse len me cie ki drup zhung zhuk so) were transmitted by Sonam Lodro, 22nd Abbot of Menri Monastery.
    Mawe Senge is a tantric text – a complete path to enligtenment.
At the relative level, practice develops various intellectual and artistic abilities of the mind, improves memory, analytical skills and in particular helps to understand the texts while studying.
    In this sadhana the are number of different mantras, such as those related with learning languages, development of art skills like painting and poetry, playing instruments, understanding astrology, counting or even improving or changing the tone of the voice.
   Many great masters of Bon tradition practiced this sadhana realizing it’s final fruit.

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