Drup – wa Mawe Senge

    Every year in the Menri and Triten Norbutse monasteries ithere is an ntensive practice so called Mawa Senge Drup-wa. This is a compulsory retreat for all monks who are that time  in  the monastery  Drenpa Namkha Foundation would like to introduce such annual custom in Poland.  Drupa-wa is and ntense tantric practice done in the group.     
    During 9 days of Drup-wa participants receive Mawe Senge teachings, a complete transmission of the whole text and also initiation so called Wang,. These are the three necessary things in tantra: tri, lung and wang. in order to fully practice.
     Mawe Senge is a wisdom yidam, thanks to which one can improve understanding of  the teachings. After some level of realization it is much easier to study the texts, memory enhances and linguistic skills improve. In the text there are many mantras through which we can develop various intellectual abilities of the mind, like learning languages, poetry, art or even singing. The practice of Mawe Senge is a complete path to enlightenment.
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