Nangzher Lopo Project

    About Nangzher Lopo project we will have two main points.
    Firstly, regarding the teaching. Nangzher Lopo is great dzogchen master and he also has a deep connection with Zhang zhung Nyin gyu cycle. He received teachings on the Six Lamps directly from Tapihritsa.   This is the reason we are organizing the Nangzher Lopo project. All these very important teachings, including the dzogchen ones, will be part of this project.
    Secondly, we are going to help children. Hundred and hundreds of children are in very difficult situation, and they can’t receive a proper education.  These children are orphans. Life is very hard for them. We want to assist them as much as we can. I am sure that if Nangzher Lopo would be alive, he would be very pleased about this project.