Tse Thar 2 – for long life – geese

    Tse Thar is a ritual of saving beings from death and freeing them from the circle of birth in the animal world, in conjunction with the intent of the donor, one can remove obstacles in the life energy that determines our lifespan. Tse Thar mentioned by the Buddha himself is a great merit.

    The Foundation creates another opportunity to join such merit, it can also be dedicated to anybody in need people, especially for people who suffers from illness.

     This time, the Foundation bought four geese, which were intended for slaughter. They are large birds, this species looks a little like swans. Currently, these birds are under the care of the Foundation near Białystok city in north east Poland.

    The cost of food for birds is small. There are few places for potential donors, and the payment is only 15 euro per year.